“The best core trainer in the world”

Independent Study at the University of California-Berkeley

  • Compact – Fits about anywhere!
  • Many Uses – There are virtually endless workouts you can do with this simple device!
  • Targets Muscles – Challenge your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes!
  • Strengthen Your Core – Having a strong core helps improve your power and balance!

Price: $49.99

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The Power Wheel package includes:

  • Heavy-duty wheel with adjustable toe/heel fasteners
  • Instruction DVD for advanced workouts

Exercise a few weeks with the Power Wheel and you’ll see the difference!

Known as the single best core trainer in the world, this handy little workout system produces big results! With straps for the feet and heels, no exercise has ever been made this simple and easy to use. The handle bars can be used to strengthen other parts of the body, giving you a complete and great workout by only using this one small power training wheel.

If you are looking to tighten your core muscles and still get a workout in your arms, chest, and back, then this awesome product is just what you have been looking for. You can rest assured knowing you have made a wise decision by getting one of these amazing wheels for yourself. It’s like a miracle in a small box. It will definitely change the way you look at working out.

A Useful Tool – Many Different Workouts

power wheel exercise

From small simple workouts to the most extreme, the Power Wheel Trainer will get you back in shape and feeling great about the way you look and feel in no time. There are many positions that target different parts of the body, yet you will feel the burn in all of the muscles as this little powerhouse produces what many other advertised workout equipment do not, and that is great results. The only thing that is missing is you. Forget going to the gym or having to use ten different machines to get the results you are looking for.

Stop wasting time and money and get yourself a Power Wheel! It is so small and convenient that it doesn’t take up any room or space, but delivers the same results as ten different pieces of workout equipment can. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to workout in the comfort of your own home? No more embarrassing moments at the gym. Save your time, save your gas, and get back into shape now with your very own Power Wheel!

DVD Included

To top things off, your new power training wheel comes with its very own instructional DVD so that you can be taught the easiest and safest ways of getting a good, clean workout each and every time. What more could you ask for? A few minutes a day will have you feeling and looking better in no time.

You could begin training your muscles one day at a time and before long, you will notice a great change in the way you live your life. You will gain more energy, muscle tone, and well-being. Everything you have ever wanted in a good workout comes in a very small package with an amazing guarantee.

The Power Wheel Trainer Does It All

5 stars

“Great Product!”

If you are looking for something that can get you into shape quick that targets many different muscles in your workout, it may be a good idea and a wise choice to get yourself a Power Wheel Trainer. If you have never heard of this awesome workout gadget, you will be amazed at its size, along with the many benefits it has to offer. Never before has there ever been something so small and lightweight that can give one the total workout they desire.

The Power Wheel Trainer is so conveniently small, it can be stored almost anywhere and not take up any space. Plus it is so lightweight, that it is only a mere six pounds! Light enough for anyone at any age to use.

Isn’t it about time you did something good for your body? Say goodbye to the gym, and hello to the Power Wheel!

Price: $49.99

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